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    PLC is not just a program; it is a community. Learn more about our community.
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Our Program

PLC Scholarships:

PLC scholars receive a merit-based scholarship of $1,000 with the potential of getting well over $12,000 in their years involved with PLC. 

PLC scholars receive a base scholarship of $500 for their participation in both PRLC 1810 and 1820. After their second year in PLC, scholars have the opportunity to continue their association with the program as a Class Advisor or as an Administrative Staff Member. As a student staff member, scholars receive a $1,000 scholarship per semester. 

On top of the base PLC scholarship, students also have the opportunity to qualify for additional scholarships through their association with PLC. All PLC scholarships are dependant upon a student’s enrollment in a PLC course or participation in a PLC experience and adherence to PLC academic standards.


Other scholarships available to PLC students both through the PLC Program and other endowed scholarships associated with PLC:

  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to apply for additional funding through the PLC Leadership Enrichment Fund.  (This funding can go for needed scholarship funds or other enrichment opportunities.)
  • Five newly admitted incoming scholars are automatically considered for the FirstBank Colorado Scholarship ($6,000 minimum over four years and additional scholarships if they qualify for need-based funding).
  • Sophomore, junior, and senior scholars are eligible to apply for the Alvin G. Flanagan Scholarship ($500 minimum award, ranging up to $3,500) and the Walker Family Scholarship ($500 minimum award, ranging up to $2,000). Each year approximately 25-30 scholars receive funding from these two endowments.
  • Sophomore and junior scholars may apply for the Michael Lee Hoelscher Memorial Scholarship (annual $2,000 award).
  • Four PLC Students get the opportunity to participate in the El Pomar Student Leadership Experience where they receive $1000/semester for two years and also receive additional non-profit training.
  • The William A. Douglas Scholarship replaces the base scholarship.

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