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    PLC is not just a program; it is a community. Learn more about our community.
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Our Program

Academic PLC Program Structure:

PLI In The ClassroomTo complete the PLC Program you must finish a combination of academic course work and an experiential portfolio. All of the defined elements must be completed before graduation from the University of Colorado Boulder in order for you to be considered a PLC Scholar.  

There are four completion components to become a PLC Scholar:


1. Complete the structured First Year Curriculum 

  • Fall Semester, first year PRLC 1810: Individual Leadership and Ethics (3 credit course; meets A&S Ideals and Values Core Requirement; $500 PLC Base Scholarship)
  • Spring Semester, first year PLRC 1820: Community Issues in Leadership (3 credit course; meets A&S Contemporary Societies Core Requirement; $500 PLC Base Scholarship)


2. Complete two additional PLC Courses (within your remaining years as an undergraduate)

  • Any Semester PRLC 2820: Multi-Level Issues in Leadership (3 credit course)
  • Any Semester PRLC 3810: Global Issues in Leadership (3 credit course)


3. Complete the PLC Experiential Leadership Portfolio (Ask the PLC Office for a explanation of this program element.) To fulfill this requirement you must:

  • Attend three Discover Colorado Weekends in your four years
    • Two-day experiences where a small group of scholars travels around the state to explore an industry and meet with top leaders there within.
    • There are approximately four weekends available each semester and eight total topics each year. (Topic Examples: Education, Politics, Criminal Justice, Tourism, Military/Defense, Energy, Science/Biotechnology, and Agriculture.)
  • Complete three Walkabout Intensives in your four years
    • Walkabout Intensives must be in at least two of the below areas and one of the three must include an in-depth service component.
      • Areas of focus: Non-Profit, For-Profit, Government, Research/Academia, Social Entrepreneurship, International Experience, or Presidents Leadership Class Student Staff Practicum.
  • Develop a Leadership Plan and Written Portfolio
    • Leadership Plan must be completed at the beginning of each year to help scholars lay out their time in the program along with their skill/learning objectives.
    • Evaluations and reflections will be assigned for each of the Discover Colorado and Walkabout Intensive components.  These must be completed and included in the written section of the Portfolio.
    • Synthesis of Learning Paper – This paper challenges scholars to reflect on the totality of their academic and experiential learning components as an integrated learning and leadership experience.


4. Complete a PLC Exit Interview

  • 20 minute presentation or “defense” of the complete PLC experience.
    • This is a chance for the PLC Scholars to present their final portfolio to the PLC Advisory Board, PLC parents, alumni, CU Officials, PLC profesional staff and other community supporters.  


University of Colorado Certificate in the Study & Practic of Leadership:

In addition to the above requirements, PLC scholars may complete a Certificate in the Study & Practice of Leadership by adding the following two courses:

1. Complete the Leadership Capstone Course

  • All semesters with limited slots - LDSP 4010: Critical Thinking in Leadership (4 credit course)

2. Complete an Upper Division Leadership Elective Course

  • This includes many courses available in all different majors on campus.  See the “Approved Course List” to find one that works with your schedule and your major. 

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