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    PLC is not just a program; it is a community. Learn more about our community.
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Our Program



PLC believes that our communities—from local to global—are especially in need of agile leaders who are able to tackle problems that:

  • Are very complex
  • Are best understood by synthesizing insights from across disciplines
  • Are best addressed by mobilizing diverse participants and resources from across social sectors
  • Require especially ingenious innovation
  • Demand leadership of exceptional integrity, ethic and virtue of character



To cultivate leaders who are prepared to servethe vital need, PLC provides a variety of academic and experiential opportunities that prepare students to:

  • READ complex situations 
  • SET innovative strategies
  • EXECUTE strategies with effectiveness and integrity

PLC provides these opportunities by uniting the support of university, local and statewide leaders.  In all we do, we operate as a “leadership laboratory” where all students, staff, faculty and volunteers model and practice the skills and virtues PLC cultivates.

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