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    PLC is not just a program; it is a community. Learn more about our community.
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Our Program

Selection Criteria

Successful candidates demonstrate strength in each of these four areas:


Intellectual Curiosity: PLC scholars have a desire to take full advantage of the educational opportunities that have been offered to them in the past and those that will be available to them during their studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. While grades and test scores demonstrate part of the student's academic ability, we are also interested in knowing whether the candidate will take full advantage of the opportunities offered at an internationally recognized research university and will be intellectually agile in a changing world.


Leadership Potential: PLC scholars have the potential to lead in settings ranging from small work teams to large organizations. We recognize that leadership is practiced on many levels - including personal, family, community, and global levels. In all cases, PLC scholars have the desire to (a) practice leadership, both now and in the future, and (b) want to learn how they can improve their leadership skills and abilities.


Commitment Outside of Self: PLC scholars want to serve others, thereby improving the communities in which they live. Within PLC, service is broadly defined and can take a variety of forms. We seek students who exhibit a desire to serve others in both traditional and non-traditional settings. Examples of service may include scouting, participation in a service club or religious organization, athletic teamwork, political activities, student government service, supporting an individual, and/or working to assist family. In all cases, PLC scholars have the passion to help others and the desire to improve their ability to do so.


Unique Contribution: One of PLC's greatest strengths is the diversity found within its community and the unique contribution each scholar makes to the community through his or her life experience. What about your personality or life experiences make you unique? What can you bring to the PLC community that nobody else can offer? 

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