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    PLC is not just a program; it is a community. Learn more about our community.
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ASK 2011

  • Frequently Asked Questions
Play a Message From Steve

Please select $100 from the drop-down menu when donating.

The Boettcher Foundation, in conjunction with
PLC founder Bill Douglas, has presented PLC
with a challenge.
Boettcher has pledged
$250,000 as a match against our
ability to raise the same amount before the end of the year.

With 2,400 PLC alumni, we are challenging the entire PLC family to pledge$100
each towards the William A. Douglas Endowment to be used exclusively
for PLC scholarships.

We Are Betting

You will help us reach this challenge and support everything
that makes PLC great - Academic excellence, a vibrant
community of young leaders and robust financial aid.

We Are Betting

Your definition of success includes the
leadership training and friendships that
came from being a PLC scholar.

We Are Betting

You value your PLC experience and will
respond enthusiastically and generously to
help us meet the Boettcher match.

The Boettcher Trustees are challenging the entire PLC family. Now it’s our turn.
The Boettcher Foundation The Presidents Leadership Institute Pledge $100 To PLC

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