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Alumni & Friends

Welcome Alumni, Students, Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Speakers, & Friends of PLC,

This section of the site is to help you stay connected with each other and the program.  There are a lot of big improvements going on with the program and this site.  The Alumni, Parents, and Friends section includes: 

  • Updates and Announcements - This is a blog that will catalog the variety of updates, events, alum profiles, announcements, challenges, etc. of the PLC community.  This section also includes an archive of past PLC newsletters. 
  • Calendar - This calendar will have all the main events for Alumni & Friends.  An easy place to check-in and see when the Spring Jubilee, or a new training program is scheduled.    
  • myPLC - This restricted section (currently still being developed) will the be the place for you to edit and update your contact and privacy information for the program.  It will also include a search for other alums.  
  • Get Involved -  This sections has information on the various ways you can stay involved with PLC, from visiting a lecture, hosting a godparent group, to joining the Advisory Board, or sharing some of your hard-earned money to help keep PLC going. 

Please visit and check back often.  We will be improving the myPLC profiles and the email system to better stay in touch with you, the program, and each other.

PLC Alumni Advisory Outlines Strategies for 2011/12

The Presidents Leadership Class Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) met in late July to discuss the group’s progress over the previous year and to create a plan for future Alumni involvement in the Presidents Leadership Institute. In the last year, the AAB put on several events including the “Gift of Google” lecture. These events were deemed a success and more will be planned for the future

Through the course of the meeting, the board was able to define objectives and goals to create a compelling environment for the Alumni to interact with the Presidents Leadership Institute (PLI). The new vision statement for the AAB is, “To Give Back as an Alumni Group and Do Great Things.” The new mission of the Alumni Board, “to increase Alumni Involvement on all levels and to become a “Hub” for all things leadership,” accompanies this vision. Also in development is an Alumni database, which will collect information to allow Alumni to be an effective resource for the program, students and eachother.

The hub idea is a compelling component to the AAB’s mission that fits into Executive Director Steve Grace’s and the PLI Board vision. The idea behind creating the President’s Leadership Institute as a host for PLC opens up opportunities for the program to interact with a broader spectrum of the community. PLC Alumni in the meeting suggested that PLI could be a leadership resource for Colorado and would like to see the organization move in that direction.

As the Alumni try to shape their path in PLI, look for increased involvement from former students in PLI programs. The Alumni are a vital part of the ascension to greater things for the organization and the ideas put forth in the meeting reflected this feeling. Look for more to come from the Alumni in future months.

To get involved email: PLCAlum@colorado.edu




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