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Alumni & Friends


PLC is setting up a network of students in alumni who are looking to be on similar careers paths. These groups, called pods, will connect students with professionals for advice, internships and discussions on the future of their profession. To join a pod, please email PLCAlum@colorado.edu.

What are Pods?

PLC Pods are intellectual/interest communities to connect PLC alumni, upperclassmen, and underclassmen. The program is built around the idea of “intellectual pods” that are sorted based on the interests of incoming students, current scholars, and alumni. The groups are structured as a network where ideas and advice can be exchanged through personal contact, email/Skype messages, in Facebook groups,  and through face-to-face meetings.  It is not a requirement to live in-state.

Alumni and students self select into Pods. The Pods are a forum in which students and alumni can network with each other, a place where students can receive professional mentorship from alumni, in their field or area of interest, as well as a place where alumni can also serve as mentors for each other, work together on projects and share perspectives.

The Pods we offer are: (Click to view)

1. Engineering

2. Health and Biomedical

3. Politics and International Affairs
4. Law

5. Education
6. Business

7. Social Issues

If you have any questions please contact the Alumni Advisory Board Committee Chair Mike Hagihara at michael.hagihara@gmail.com.

If you are a student and would like to join a pod, click here

If you are an alumni and would like to join a pod, click here



The Engineering Pod will be focused on connecting students and alumni in the engineering field. Students can learn about the many and varied opportunities in engineering and learn how to apply their effort and skills towards projects and future careers.  Building relationships within this pod will lead to the construction of joint projects and endeavors, and strengthen the ties between successful engineering alumni and those students striving to follow those footsteps.


Coming Soon: Student & Alumni Guides,  Contact for Pod Leader


Health and Biomedical

The Health and Biomedical Pod will be focused on connecting students and alumni around issues in healthcare such as current health practices, cutting edge research, new scientific discoveries, the science in politics dilemma, career options and choices, medical school applications and interviews, working internationally, etc.  Alumni can share experiences and stories related to the field while current students can gain valuable insight and guidance about how to pursue their passion in healthcare and the biomedical field. Research ideas and projects could be a great component in the workings of this pod, as well as hints and help in finding the right medical school and deciding which path to take.

Coming Soon: Student & Alumni Guides,  Contact for Pod Leader


Politics and International Affairs

The Politics and International Affairs Pod will be focused on connecting students and alumni around current political issues; local, national and global.  This pod will have an affinity for government and political happenings all over the world.  Alumni will share post-grad experiences and stories and current students will share passions and goals for the future in all areas of international relations, political interests/movements, and pressing current issues facing the global society. Mentoring, projects, movements, and rallying behind ideas will be an exciting component of this pod.


Coming Soon: Student & Alumni Guides,  Contact for Pod Leader


Social Issues

The Social Issues Pod will be focused on saving the world!  This varied but focused affinity group, will bring together individuals with a passion for projects and initiatives that aim to make lasting social change.  This includes PLC alumni and students involved in the non-profit sector, social entrepreneurship, reforms and movements, etc. This pod is aimed at bringing together people with a real passion for servant leadership and a true yearning to get involved on a higher level than they can do individually.  This pod has an amazing potential to ignite change, led by true leaders.

Coming Soon:  Student & Alumni Guides,  Contact for Pod Leader



The Law Pod will be focused on connecting students and alumni focused around legal issues and a passion for the law.  Current and recent graduates can gain valuable advice about taking the LSAT, applying for law school, and picking the right school for the type of law they want to practice.  This is not just a pod for lawyers, but for anyone interested in the long arms of the legal system.  Alumni can share stories and experiences they have had in the legal field and guide students amid the vast sea of law opportunities out there.  Mentoring will be a huge part of this pod and will, hopefully, lend to professional relationships outside of the pod environment.

Coming Soon: Student & Alumni Guides,  Contact for Pod Leader



The Education Pod will be focused on the many issues surrounding education, both nationally and internationally.  The education pod is aimed at bringing people together around education practices, policies, reforms, movements, disparities, problems, and successes.  This pod is not just for educators or future teachers, but rather for any alum or student who has a passion for education on a local, national and global scale.  Mentoring and networking will be a big part of this pod, as will a collaboration of new ideas and joint effort in projects undertaken by both alumni and current scholars.


Coming Soon: Student & Alumni Guides,  Contact for Pod Leader



The Business Pod will connect students and alumni in the wide world of business.  Pod members will have a passion for all aspects of the business world, from accounting, to social entrepreneurship and from marketing and PR to finance and the stock market.  The Business Pod is likely going to thrive with new and exciting ideas about current and future business practices and the possibilities available to those who know how to capitalize on opportunity.  Students can also learn from recent and seasoned alumni who have been through the ups and downs of the business world.  All pod members can share entrepreneurial experiences and ideas and possibly make great strides among successful business leaders.

Coming Soon: Student & Alumni Guides,  Contact for Pod Leader


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